the bird just won’t take no for an answer!

29 11 2008

regular readers (do i even have any?!?) will recall my recent dummy-spit with Dodo when the 19yo idiot telemarketer found it inconceivable that i wasn’t prepared to sign up for a wireless broadband service right there and then that’s based on Optus 3G infrastructure when I (my parents) had already tried an ostensibly identical Virgin (aka Optus 3G) offering earlier this year but had zero coverage.

not content with my final statement (“Dodo, you can go forth and multiply, or go extinct, i don’t really care which, but those are the only two choices you have left with me.”), i received not one, but TWO more calls from Dodo.

it’s not clear whether they’d received and were acting upon my complaint letter; when i asked “did you not receive my letter of complaint last week?” he said “oh, this is just a follow-up call”.  ah, right.  the conversation descended rapidly from there, him pleading to explain, and me saying i wasn’t interested, and eventually having to hang up on him.

the second call was even shorter.  i quickly discovered that they have a ‘do not call list’, and i’m now on it.

we *were* going to upgrade to ADSL on Dodo, but i can think of plenty of ISPs to whom i’d rather that money go now.





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