Teen shot at Northcote skatepark

12 12 2008


” ‘This is a dreadful tragedy,’ Assistant Commissioner Cartwright said.

He defended the actions of the officers and said they had been trained to fire at the central body mass rather than shoot to wound.

‘The movies would portray that you can shoot to disarm people. That’s not our experience. These are events that are life-threatening, people are extremely nervous, agitated, scared,’ he said. ”

WTF???  Well of course it’s “not your experience” if you train them to shoot-to-kill.  The kid was “up to 14m away” from the officers, but all three fired simultaneously, aiming – as trained – for the central body mass.  No wonder he’s dead.  And no more opportunity for a 15yo to learn why he frakked up…

Are police incapable of being trained to shoot the frakker in the legs instead of the central body mass?

Am I living in America now?  Someone pinch me please…




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17 12 2008

There’s a lot to think about in this. The police officers involved seemed to follow their training. But should they be trained to shoot to kill?

The kid used prank calls to lure the police out so he seems to either be mental, iced up or just another white supremacist retard.

Tasers may help in situations where offenders like this have knives, but they are not helpful when offenders have guns of their own.

I always wonder why when animals escape from zoos we hunt them with tranquiliser guns so we don’t kill them when we capture them, but why we don’t have tranquiliser guns for people. The could not be worse and in many cases could be much better.

17 12 2008

yeah, it came to light the next day that not only was he advancing on a trapped 4th officer when the 3 opened fire, but he appeared to have a “death by cop” wish in creating the whole situation in the first place, some kind of retribution for something…

regardless, as you say, our priorities seem quite frakked up when there’s such a gulf between capsicum spray and leathal force from 3 officers simultaneously.

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