Apple karma eats blogger-journalist dogma?

14 02 2009

i’m really liking Daniel Eran Dilger‘s clarity of thought & style:

he simultaneously rattles the cages of the ‘journalists’ & echo-chamber bloggers with rather plain (and usually well deserved) vitriol, states his case clearly & rationally, educates his reader, and manages to come across as rationally pro-Apple without resorting to any of the usual MacFanBoi crap/tedium.

i read his post above immediately after reading Paul Thurrott’s post whining yet again about how stupid Microsoft is for allowing Google to be the 500th&something licensee of Exchange Activesync, seemingly still clinging to the notion that Windows Mobile has any significant future in its current fundamental form (as a shrunken Windows desktop, complete with Start menu, which smartphone makers with even half an ounce of style replace with their own shell).

viewed together, it’s pretty clear that what’s driving alot of anti-Apple/iPhone media coverage (past, present & future) is a failure to realise that what Apple is doing, the hard lessons they’ve learned from their behemoth competitors, and the impact it’s starting to have on Microsoft and others, is what Microsoft have done to countless others over the last 20 years.  maybe there is such a thing as karma afterall…

chalk & cheese, night & day.  good stuff.




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