new chapter

22 11 2010

i’ve been itchy.  for a year or two.

metaphorically, of course, i haven’t visited one of those places where you’re likely to come home with more than you expected in quite a while.  oh wait…  um, nevermind.  i’ve been living in this 2 bedroom flat for over 4 years now.  i spent the majority of my ‘depression years’ here, and for the last 18 months i’ve felt the ‘itchy feet’ urge to move elsewhere; possibly on my own still, or possibly sharing with a friend.  i haven’t really understood why i’ve had that urge, until recently.

J & i have decided to move in together.

it’s a fairly monumental decision and change for me.  i’ve been single for more years than i care to admit.  and i’ve lived in a place on my own for 3/4 of the decade+ i’ve lived in Melbourne.

J & i have been getting along really well these past several months.  i love spending time with him, and always crave more.  we never argue or fight about anything, which is kinda weird given what a crotchety, tetchy, old curmudgeon i can be!  without any mutual discussion on our part, we always try to do different stuff, eat at different places, and get away for weekends – mutual rut avoidance.  as a former depressive, this is hugely beneficial for me – a partial definition of depression IS being in a rut.

though it wasn’t a straight-forward decision.  there’s advantages to us keeping things as they are.  J’s youngest brother, T, will be living with us, likely until mid-next year.  and his middle brother, C, is planning to move to Oz within the next year, and his mother might follow, too.  it’s likely C will need to live with us for a while too, until he gets on his feet.  with J still sharing with his ex, & his youngest brother T, & the likelihood of C replacing T next year, my place has been & would become even more a refuge for J away from all that.

regardless, another factor came into the decision.  aside from simply wanting to spend more time together, i want to make the most of however long we have together.  i’ve written in a previous post that J & i have quite different medium/long-term goals.  J wants to head overseas to live & work for a year or three.  i want to move to the NSW Northern Rivers area.  they’re not exactly compatible, sympathetic directions :).  but neither of us are in the right situation to do that, yet.  but in a year or three could well be a possibility, and i doubt i can postpone my deepest desire to move up there much longer than that.  hence, carpe diem.

after only 1 weekend of house-hunting, our first application was successful, and we’ve signed a lease on a 3 bedroom apartment in Richmond.  when pretending to be a gay couple while house-hunting with my friend A2 twice before, gay couples really do seem to be attractive to agents/landlords – it’s the quickest and most painless house-hunting process i’ve ever gone through!  if that hippy-spiritualist ethos – which goes something like “if it’s meant to be, The Universe will provide” – is anything to go by, perhaps we’re on the right track?

as my mind navigates the myriad issues & stuff to organise for the move, i’m buoyed by the potential & possibilities of this fundamental change, of shedding hopefully the last vestiges of old/bad/unhelpful habits & routines that infiltrated my life during The Depression Years, and taking the plunge with J.

though integrating two Mac geek’s stuff aint gonna be easy!