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22 11 2010

i’ve been itchy.  for a year or two.

metaphorically, of course, i haven’t visited one of those places where you’re likely to come home with more than you expected in quite a while.  oh wait…  um, nevermind.  i’ve been living in this 2 bedroom flat for over 4 years now.  i spent the majority of my ‘depression years’ here, and for the last 18 months i’ve felt the ‘itchy feet’ urge to move elsewhere; possibly on my own still, or possibly sharing with a friend.  i haven’t really understood why i’ve had that urge, until recently.

J & i have decided to move in together.

it’s a fairly monumental decision and change for me.  i’ve been single for more years than i care to admit.  and i’ve lived in a place on my own for 3/4 of the decade+ i’ve lived in Melbourne.

J & i have been getting along really well these past several months.  i love spending time with him, and always crave more.  we never argue or fight about anything, which is kinda weird given what a crotchety, tetchy, old curmudgeon i can be!  without any mutual discussion on our part, we always try to do different stuff, eat at different places, and get away for weekends – mutual rut avoidance.  as a former depressive, this is hugely beneficial for me – a partial definition of depression IS being in a rut.

though it wasn’t a straight-forward decision.  there’s advantages to us keeping things as they are.  J’s youngest brother, T, will be living with us, likely until mid-next year.  and his middle brother, C, is planning to move to Oz within the next year, and his mother might follow, too.  it’s likely C will need to live with us for a while too, until he gets on his feet.  with J still sharing with his ex, & his youngest brother T, & the likelihood of C replacing T next year, my place has been & would become even more a refuge for J away from all that.

regardless, another factor came into the decision.  aside from simply wanting to spend more time together, i want to make the most of however long we have together.  i’ve written in a previous post that J & i have quite different medium/long-term goals.  J wants to head overseas to live & work for a year or three.  i want to move to the NSW Northern Rivers area.  they’re not exactly compatible, sympathetic directions :).  but neither of us are in the right situation to do that, yet.  but in a year or three could well be a possibility, and i doubt i can postpone my deepest desire to move up there much longer than that.  hence, carpe diem.

after only 1 weekend of house-hunting, our first application was successful, and we’ve signed a lease on a 3 bedroom apartment in Richmond.  when pretending to be a gay couple while house-hunting with my friend A2 twice before, gay couples really do seem to be attractive to agents/landlords – it’s the quickest and most painless house-hunting process i’ve ever gone through!  if that hippy-spiritualist ethos – which goes something like “if it’s meant to be, The Universe will provide” – is anything to go by, perhaps we’re on the right track?

as my mind navigates the myriad issues & stuff to organise for the move, i’m buoyed by the potential & possibilities of this fundamental change, of shedding hopefully the last vestiges of old/bad/unhelpful habits & routines that infiltrated my life during The Depression Years, and taking the plunge with J.

though integrating two Mac geek’s stuff aint gonna be easy!





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22 11 2010

As I was saying to the T-dawg, can’t think of more deserving people – not just in the relationship sense but the househunting stuff too! Plus you deserve a break from the Black Dog too. Kick some life butt A! xxx

22 11 2010

Good to hear you happy…… now be nicer to us when you come into the office to see our friendly, happy faces…..!!! lol

P.S. love the mantra / affirmation “if it’s meant to be, The Universe will provide” – so true.. I live by “I have an unfailing supply & give thanks”… Everything I need, I have!


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