out with the old

1 12 2010

ok, i admit it.  i tend to hoard stuff.

it’s not like i have an attic with a lifetime’s collection of McDonalds wrappers, scifi action figures, & milk bottle foil tops, but despite the periodic shedding of junk that’s inevitable after a lifetime of house-moving every few years inculcated from my parent’s lifestyle (a story for another day), i still tend to accumulate more stuff than i ever need or are likely to use in the foreseeable future.

despite what i like to think of as a less-than-normal compliance to the consumerist lifestyle, there’s a few exceptions:  clothes, movie/tv media, & technology.  today i worked on my wardrobe.  i’ve given several bags of clothes to the Salvo’s over the last 4 years since i moved in here, and turfed a bunch of sneakers only recently, but after a couple of hours this afternoon, this is what i had culled:

3 of those piles are well over a foot high, more than 3 full garbage bags of jeans/pants, shorts, tshirts, shirts, jackets & hoodies, underwear, belts, beanies…  and i’m not done yet.  it’s less than half my wardrobe, stuff that’s either too small, too big, worn out, styled-out, or i never liked it in the first place.  hopefully the Salvo’s can find a new home for it.

i’m getting rid of this shit that’s been not just taking up space, space that i probably won’t have as much of in the new place with J, but a constant visible reminder of of the last 10 years of my life, some of which is good, but some not so much.  to make way for the new, you’ve gotta get rid of the old, literally and psychologically.

and that’s just my wardrobe.  i’ve got two draws of ’emotional baggage’, & an office full of past-life techyjunk.  i can’t wait to shed more shit!

i’ve been reading some minimalist lifestyle bloggers recently, something that i think might go hand-in-hand with life Up North (or even a nomadic life).  perhaps i’m taking my first step toward that…




2 responses

1 12 2010

Can I have the beanies? I go through SO many of those in a season (and despite the fact that today’s the first day of “Summer”, I’ll be wearing one to work again today!) Oh, and I want to rat through your techy-junk… :-)

1 12 2010

um, how does one go through so many beanies? what do you do to the poor things (aside from the terror that would be sitting atop your pate)? ;)

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