Vivid Sydney 2012 – “clever” Opera House projection is BORING AS BATSHIT!

6 06 2012

Some feedback I just sent to

Dear Vivid Sydney Organisers,

Before I let rip, I’ve really enjoyed almost all of Vivid Sydney 2012, and been having a lot of fun photographing it.  Thank you!

However, the Opera House is BORING AS BATSHIT.  You have made the most terrible mistake of commissioning someone to be “clever”, at the expense of making the Opera House look beautiful.  Colour is almost nowhere to be found in most of the THIRTY FRAKKING TEDIOUS MINUTES of “clever” but boring projection that fails utterly to show off the Opera House, as has been done in previous years.

How do I know it’s 30 minutes? Not because I stood there to watch, no.  A more patient-than-I photographer friend recorded it in video for 30 minutes until it repeated, and then sped it up 8x faster and posted the 3m45s video to Facebook – which is the only way to watch the whole sequence without feeling like you’re watching a game of cricket.

For shame.
Please don’t make this mistake next year!
Dulwich Hill  NSW


…and if you want to see the kind of beauty and art that was able to be painted with light across the sails of the Sydney Opera House in 2011, check out my friend Peter’s website (direct link to Vivid Sydney 2011 on Smugmug).

I’ve posted a few of my own photos of Vivid Sydney 2012 on Instagram & Facebook, so if you follow me there you’ll have already seen them :)






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