WhoTF is this angry dude anyway?!?

techydude (12/2008)

hey, i’m Anthony.

email:  nocomply2007 at gmail dot com

i’m a not-yer-average guy, electronics engineer, prickly non-conformist lefty-pinko-skeptic-atheist mostly-harmless bent lapsed-skater, documentary addict, sneakerfreak, living in Sydney’s inner west (Australia).

here you’ll find some personal musing about my own life in recent times, as well as “other stuff” that occupies some of my headspace.

in the last several years my views on life have been fundamentally influenced by a growing awareness of the impact of ‘externalities‘ caused by our capitalist culture.  my ‘awakening’ and evolving views on this stuff were triggered by the documentary ‘The Corporation‘ circa 2005, and knocked me for six – i mean *really* knocked me for six, apparently triggering nearly 5 years of Dysthymia, a low-level but ever-present form of depression that sucks the life right out of you.  during that phase i clung to the false hope that capitalism could be reformed according to the ideals of “Progressive Capitalism” so eloquently described by the folks at Created Equal, and i used to see hope for the future in the efforts of companies like Interface (the worlds leading manufacturer of commercial carpet tiles, leading the way toward carbon neutrality) lead by the awesomely inspiring Ray Anderson.  since that depression lifted a few years ago, i’m tending toward thinking we’re all fucked, are incapable of learning from our demonstrated mistakes, that slavish adherence to any system (capitalism or communism, religion or New Age clap-trap, etc) continues to be our downfall, and that we only change when forced to at the 13th hour (i.e. too late) and usually for reasons that rarely have anything to do with the real problem, and that this coupled with ‘peak oil’ (whose arrival date has been postponed by Coal Seam Gas frakking) will be the end of “civilisation as we know it”, and what will come after is far from clear.  as such, i find life far more tolerable when i don’t watch/read much “news” or current affairs, because really most of that shit is just an illusory distraction.

ultimately this blog is just a personal diary of my journey as i try to find/make a path to walk my talk in this bizarre world.  i tend to call a spade a frakking shovel if i think it deserves it.

if you happen to roll with me on something, or not, & wanna talk about it, that’s cool too.  i probably won’t mind too much if you think i’m a frigtard-lefty-pinko-idiot-wanker & say so, cuz there’s a fair chance i’ll have similar words for the organisations, institutions, ‘cultures’ and occasionally individuals i ‘target’ here.  whether you embrace or represent them, or not, all i ask is that you ARTICULATE WHY you think what you do – otherwise it’ll probably be a very short conversation.

p.s.  i’m not fond of capital letters.  i’ve sought help for it, but as they like to say on twitter: #FAIL!

p.p.s.  know anywhere that sells good Portuguese Egg(custard) Tarts?  please email me!

a caricature of me after eating a pair of these ;)

a caricature of me after eating a pair of these ;)


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