how not to win friends and influence people

2 08 2012

recently @ozdj blocked me on Twitter – not just unfollowed, but blocked.  neither of us can see each other’s tweets now.

blocking someone on twitter is something usually reserved for someone who really pisses you off, or for ‘trolls’. oh dear :-(

his blocking came fairly shortly after this ‘exchange’ (from bottom up):

Twitter OzDJ 1

context:  the link @ozdj refers to is this post by Malcolm Turnbull (Federal MP for Wentworth, shadow minister for communications & broadband), bemoaning how the ACCC has “abandoned competition in favour of government monopoly” in relation to the NBN and the payments to Telstra and Optus by the NBN (aka Fed Gov’t, aka tax payers) to shut down their copper last-mile networks to make way for NBN fibre as the primary delivery of broadband.

some people who knows me might have some idea of my underlying thoughts on this matter, and the original sale (privatisation) of Telstra that started in 1997.  i hinted at it in this post a few years ago.  regardless, that’s not what this post is about.

whilst i stand by the rationale behind my little outburst, i regret the tone of it.  a random person would have no idea of my thoughts behind that series of tweets.  i regret firing off a one-way unengaged missive, it’s not how Twitter works best.  as frustrating as short 140char tweets can be in trying to convey thoughts of substance, patience is necessary.  if i’m to be completely honest, i do sometimes have a tendency to make brash declarative statements or outbursts, rather than engaging in a two-way dialogue.  and i know it’s sometimes not particularly endearing :-(

it’s not how you win friends or influence people.  i’m sorry, Derek.