simple pleasures

18 11 2009

i’ve discovered two things during my last two gym/cardio workouts this week:

  • the well-known benefits (and pain!) of working out to up-beat music that pushes your heart-rate.  listening to some old Ruby CDs at typically 125-130bpm has taken my workouts to a new level of ouch!
  • rediscovering my old passion for music, especially euphoric trance.  music is one of the things that fell by the way-side over these past few years, and god how i’ve missed it!

today while i was rocking away on the x-trainer, i was *almost* but not quite overcome with tears, both bitter and sweet – sweet with the fondest memories of times past, dancing away with friends into the wee hours on a sweaty dance floor to some of the most extraordinary euphoric trance music grounded in thumping, grumbling, growling bass lines that play on the brain’s sensitivity to that awesome combination of frequency, bpm, and tribal connection with like-minded people;  and bitterness (well, more like sadness and loss) at having denied myself / missed out on such simple pleasures for so many years now.

i don’t want to go back to the past, but i *do* want to find a new place for music going forward.

i have but one person to thank for initiating me into the simple pleasures and joys of euphoric trance – Gordon Richmond (DJ Ruby), a friend who’s stood by me throughout these last few years of wilderness, ever willing to “drag me kicking and screaming” back into his whirlwind world of musical pleasures :).

from a chance meeting on the dance floor of one of Sydney’s legendary Frisky dance parties while chasing some cute blond Melbourne friend of his around the dance floor (hi Brett!), it was his passion and initiative that launched our musical partnership that produced a dozen CDs of the most amazing collection of late-90s/early2000’s euphoric trance that never fails to get me going even now, nearly a decade on.  love you, G.