first kiss

9 11 2009

i reckon you can tell a lot about a guy from the way he kisses.

how loose are his lips and mouth?  how much does he use his tongue and what does he do with it?  is it a two-way-street?  does he close his eyes, or – *creepy – leave them open too much? what’s he doing with his hands?  does he moan or make any sound while kissing or being kissed?  does he kiss only on the lips, or venture to other places?  does the rest of his body speak the same language as his kissing, & what does he touch while kissing ?  in short,  does a guy kiss mostly because it’s a formal prelude to the ‘main event’, or as a thoroughly absorbing and enjoyable activity purely by itself?

last week as i said goodbye to J, i stole a second goodbye kiss.  he has beautiful soft lips, and i was immediately hooked and aching for a LOT more!

so we caught up last weekend; a repeat of the friday-night-out & saturday-night-in double-deal of the weekend before :).  had a great time both nights, despite only 4hours sleep the night before both. (Restavit has since come to the rescue there thank god).

so as Saturday night moved along, assisted by some “organic” imagery in a weird computer game we were playing, followed by what i considered to be rather suggestive imagery in one of iTunes 9s latest visualisations, i leaned in for our first kiss…

what followed was probably a couple of hours of blissful, entwined kissing on the couch :)  not only is J an awesome kisser, he said he thought the same of me.  double awesome :D

i learned quite a few more things about J last weekend, some of them purely from the way he kisses – and it’s all good.  happy boy…

so what floats your boat when it comes to kissing?

* i should clarify at this point that there’s probably one exception (for me) to the eyes-open-while-kissing thing: and that’s if you’re falling for them… :p