comfort in point c

23 09 2010

it’s said that the best (or fastest, or easiest) route between Point A & Point B isn’t necessarily a straight line.  sometimes an apparently longer, more circuitous path through Point C can be better (or faster, or easier).

when i returned from a month of holidays up north, i started hatching a plan to live up there permanently, in perhaps a year or so.  it involves developing new skills (or exploiting old ones) to create new source(s) of income, to replace what would undoubtedly be a loss of income – partial, or total eventually – if i were to move away from my Melbourne-based clients.  that, and also to get into stuff that i hope i’ll be a lot more passionate about than i am now about small-biz IT consulting.

then J turned my life upside down (again), and for the last few months we’ve been rekindling what we began late last year.  that journey is progressing nicely :)

but i use the word journey deliberately.

J & i have started brainstorming ideas, for web-service &/or iDevice apps.  we briefly talked about doing this a year ago, and was one of the avenues i was considering taking recently.  whilst these ‘ideas’ may or may not generate revenue, they’ll certainly develop the skills that should lead to further projects.  going down this path with someone so talented in the visual & UI/UX area is a major bonus.  going down this path with someone who also shares my bed is also kinda cool ;) [& yeah, i know, fraught with danger]

but as i mentioned in that earlier post, J & i have quite different medium/long-term goals, at least geographically speaking.  J wants to go live & work overseas for a year or three, likely Europe or the USA.  i on the other hand have a burning desire for a sea/tree change in Byron Shire.

where this journey will go or end is totally unknown to both of us, an open question, a journey with no set destination.  and i think i’m starting to like that.